Yosemite National Park: Dewey Point & Yosemite Point

Dewey Point - Visit 1


We hiked to Dewey Point from the Taft Point trailhead. GUYS: If you are looking to propose at Yosemite without a crowd of people around you, Dewey Point is your spot! It is a lengthy hike (10 miles round trip), but doable by most (see video below). Bring more water than you think you need! If you plan on camping within the park, you will need to stop at a ranger station for approval. (They will give you a pass for your trail and validate your bear-proof food canister) We visited on 4th of July weekend and the main attractions were packed. The traffic to get to the attractions was congested. If you are going to visit during a busy time, consider going on one of the lesser traveled trails. It is a more intimate experience with nature. We recommend buying a map of the park because our GPS and cell phone service was spotty! Regardless of the vantage point you choose, we expect Yosemite to exceed your expectations!

Yosemite Point - Visit 2


Early this June we were extremely blessed with the opportunity to return to Yosemite for the second year in a row! We chose to backpack the Yosemite Point trail because it was peak season for the falls and we heard we could camp near the point. The park was much less congested compared to our previous visit (4th of July weekend), but the trail was a lot busier than the trail to Dewey Point (Pohono Trail). The Yosemite Point trail provided exceptional views of the falls, valley, and half dome. It was also much harder due to the large elevation gain!

  • Rating: 5 Feathers
  • Distance: 6.7mi
  • Elevation Gain: about 3,700ft
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Hike type: Out + Back
  • Trail traffic: moderate near bottom light at top
  • Wildlife permit required if camping overnight
  • Cell reception good at the point: AT&T
  • Pair8 Campsite: 37° 45’ 27.252” N 119° 35’ 32.394” W

Time up VS down

Due to the elevation gain (about 2,700ft.) The hike up took us about 5 hours and the hike down about 2.5. We also were carrying packs so an out and back without gear could be done quicker.


The temperature variance between day and night is significant. For us, it was 70’s and sunny during the day and 30’s at night. We were comfortable in shorts and tanks during the day and a base layer with sweatpants and a sweatshirt at night (combined with a 30 below sleeping bag). It is also worth mentioning the wind was very strong at night and in the early morning at the point, due to the drastic temperature changes.


Focus on cardio when training for this hike, the hike up really gets your heart pumping! Squat/leg press training also wouldn’t hurt. If you struggle with balance, consider investing in walking sticks.


The river that feeds the falls is extremely cold. The current is also very strong, especially near the falls, which doesn't make it conducive for swimming.


We were able to find lots of dry firewood around our campsite! We also were fortunate to go during a time when burning was permitted, which was very beneficial because it got cold at night. Be sure to check at the visitor center if burning is permitted.


This may have been the one downfall to choosing this trail. Upon getting our pass to stay overnight, the ranger told us to park at “lot 15” and take a shuttle to Camp 4 at “lot 7”. This took a LONG time as it is about a 30 min shuttle ride due to all of the stops. Also, some of the shuttles were full so we had to wait for the next one (they come about every 10 min during the day).



Dewey Point
Half dome from Glacier Point
Yosemite Falls From the Valley
Driving into the park
Trail View to Yosemite Point
Trail View Lower Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Point Campsite
Campsite Day
Campsite Night