Cabo San Lucas | A Honeymoon That Exceeded our Expectations!


Sunny Hills Tours -

After clearing customs at los Cabos international airport, we got our bags, walked outside and were greeted by our transportation: we arranged our ride through our resort (ME Cabo) that books Sunny Hills Tours for most of their transportation services. It was $100 round trip from the airport to ME Cabo and took about 40 minutes each way. Our driver spoke broken-English, but was very friendly, offering us beer and bottled water! The route was mostly highway and we felt safe. Our only reservation was that we had to pay the full $100 when dropped off at the resort, with no receipt of payment, trusting that they would come through with the ride back to the airport at the end of our visit, which they did. We took a cab when we needed a ride to Los Cabos Country Club, costing $20 each way (a 15 minute drive). They quoted us a different price on the way back from the country club that was $10 more, but were able to talk them down to the original price. The vehicles were large, with a capacity around 8-10, beneficial for large groups traveling together. Our driver returning to the airport was very knowledgeable about the city, spoke fluent English and was also very nice. We would would recommend Sunny Hills Tours for transportation in Cabo!

Resort - ME Cabo

Upon arrival, we were welcomed by two bellhops who helped bring our luggage to the lobby for check in. We were given two complimentary glasses of fresh-squeezed juice for the walk to our room and were personally escorted to our door while the bellhops took care of our luggage. We instantly felt on vacation.


On the way to the room, we noticed some interesting art dispersed on the walls with a provocative theme. In our opinion, it seemed a out of place and slightly cheesy, but this does convey their goal of being an adult-oriented hotel. We embraced the sexual vibes. After all, it was our honeymoon!


One of the first things we noticed was how few people we saw. This was attributed to going during  the slow season (early October) and it was incredible if you are looking for a private, intimate vacation.


ME Cabo has a substantial sound system and stage, making it capable of hosting large scale parties and concerts, which they do. Even though there were no large scale parties during our visit, the musical presence was a large part of what establishes the vibe that ME Cabo resonates. You can expect to hear tropical dance music, surely to put you in a good mood while enjoying a frozen beverage at the swim up bar.


ME Cabo has a really cool outdoor gym on the fourth floor that is geared toward body-weight training. It is ideal in the morning because it is shaded. Each day we worked out, there was no one using this! They also have a indoor traditional gym, which was more utilized. It is small but sufficient for quick vacation maintenance workout.  


The resort does a fantastic job of securing the premises from pesky salesman and other threats with tight security at the resort front entrance 24-7 and an employee maning the beach entrance all day. We felt safe at all times when at the resort and also walking up and down the beach during the day time. We felt relatively safe on the beach at night but would encourage exercising caution. The same goes for venturing out into to the city or to the marina.


ME Cabo has quite the cocktail list. Both frozen and traditional. We tried almost all of them and weren’t disappointed. They are all well thought out, garnished appropriately and taste great! They cost around $10 a drink, which is fair, since the quality isn’t lacking. However, they probably could be slightly stronger, in our personal opinion. One other critique is the lacking presence of whiskey-based cocktails. There was only one on the menu.


After getting settled into our room, we decided to go grab some dinner. We chose the Blue Ibiza restaurant right below the lobby and were pleasantly surprised. The pricing was fair compared to other upscale restaurants and considering the quality of food and drinks they delivered. We started off with the beef carpaccio, which was meticulously prepared as we watched the chefs in the open-kitchen. It was presented beautifully and tasted as good as it  looked. For dinner we got the Kobe burger and sushi both of which were very well-executed. We finished things off with chocolate cake Ala Mode, which was a rich. We ended up taking it back to the room and finishing it over the next few nights! The servers were very attentive and the atmosphere was intimate. We were one of only two couples in the restaurant!

If you are looking for an entertainment-focused dinner, try Mango Deck restaurant. The food is average, but the authentic live music and dancing makes it worth checking out! It’s just a short walk down the beach from ME Cabo!


The next morning we decided to try the Sunday brunch buffet. It was good, but nothing to write home about, especially at $30 a person. We felt it was overpriced for the quality delivered. During our stay we found two superior brunch options, neighboring ME Cabo called: Sur Beach House (accessed from the beach) and Bar Esquina (accessed from the road). We highly recommend trying these!

Room Service

ME Cabo has an extensive room service menu, if you are looking to stay in. We did on two occasions and enjoyed the caprese salad, cappuccinos and a couple sandwiches! It would be a injustice not to mention the pork tacos, which were incredible!

Random fact: it is buggy during sunrise! No outside food or drinks allowed into resort unless timeshare owner


Book through ME Cabo for discounted rates.


Cost: $88 / person (including rentals and a golf cart to use)

We golfed at Cabo San Lucas Country Club, which was about 10 minutes from ME Cabo. The course was under construction when we visited, so only 12 holes were open. It was very relaxing, with lots of great scenery and it wasn’t busy at all!

Jet skis

Cost: $75 / Half Hr.

We rented jet skis through Tio Sports, which is located directly next door to ME Cabo on the beach. We didn’t keep track of time, but swear they gave us extra time because the half hour felt like at least an hour. It was a very fun experience. You are unable to take the jet skis near the Arch. They informed us, you run the risk of Mexican Jail time for attempting.

Cabo Mar Dinner Cruise

Cost: $80 / person

We wanted to get a close up view of the Arch and other rock formations, so we chose to do a dinner cruise. Cabo Mar was all-inclusive with an open bar. The food was mediocre, but the lively crew made up for it. They facilitated a dance competition with a few volunteers, that was very entertaining. The views were incredible and we also were able to see a sea lion!