bartaco | Vacation Vibes in 12th South

bartaco is one of our favorite date nights in Nashville! It’s location, ambiance, and “5-feathered” food and drinks always leave us craving more. Plan your bartaco date when you have a whole night to take 12th South in. The entire street gives off vacation vibes that make the likely wait for a table enjoyable. The guacamole and fresh-squeezed margaritas are unrivaled and a must-try to start! We’ve enjoyed nearly every taco and you can’t go wrong! Don’t be shy to order three to four tacos as the portions are small. If you still have room after dinner, try the gelato. It's so tasty you have to smile even when you get the check. With that being said, You get what you pay for. Drinks are excessively priced but nonetheless worth it. Food is respectfully priced. Portions are on the smaller side.

When we think about bartaco’s food, the first word to come to mind is refreshing. The guacamole to start is fantastic! All the tacos are unique and have multiple layers of flavor. There really isn’t a bad taco on the menu, but we found the ribeye taco to stand out as our personal favorite. We view the small portion size as a plus, as it allows you to try a good variety of tacos. Since we generally order three to four tacos per person, we found ourselves forgetting which taco is what. A labeling system could be beneficial, because we have a hard time remembering what the server explained after a couple margaritas!

  • Essential, non-overwhelming taco-specialized menu
  • Golf scorecard inspired order forms
  • Well-paired appetizers and desserts
  • Great presentation, but could use better taco identification

In addition to great food, the awesome atmosphere keeps us coming back! The environment is one of bartaco’s greatest assets, especially if you are looking for a fantastic patio! The service is generally good, but not extraordinary and lacks consistency. The restaurant is clean, open and well kept. Servers have an appealing dress code (checkered blue shirts and white pants), however we found that most of their pants were dirty.

  • Service hit-or-miss (based on over 5 visits)
  • Wait staff white pants often dirty
  • Incredible patio, Well-executed vacation/beach feel
  • No reservations (Call ahead only)
  • Great surrounding location

The bar is very large with lots of open-seating, which works well for us because we usually can snag a couple seats and avoid waiting for a table. It’s also entertaining to watch the bartenders as they squeeze the limes for the margaritas with the large bar-mounted juice presses. The margaritas are one of our favorites in Nashville! If you aren’t into margaritas, there are lots of other great options: all of which are hand crafted! If you are looking for draft beer, you won’t find any. If you are looking for tequila you will find a large variety, with flights available. Drinks are priced highly, but they are high quality which makes the investment worth while.

  • Margaritas are top 3 we’ve had
  • Hand-crafted drinks with freshly squeezed fruit
  • Extensive liquor selection with tequila focus
  • Adequate wine list, but not extensive 
  • No draft beer, decent bottle and can selection
  • Cocktail: Margarita
  • Appetizer: Guacamole
  • Taco: Sesame Ribeye
  • Side: Grilled Corn (Off the cob)
  • Dessert: Gelato (Coconut)
  • PATIO!


Address: 2526 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37204

Phone: (615) 269-8226