Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Antelope Canyon (Ken’s Tours)

The canyon is truly a wonder! It’s one of the world's most uniquely beautiful, naturally formed landmarks. The colors, textures and shapes make it hard to take a bad picture. Every angle is different and captivating!

  • Lower canyon Deluxe Tour (Dec. 30th, 2018)
  • You cannot access the canyon without a Navajo tour guide through one of the Tour companies.
  • Upper Vs. lower canyon: there are 7 companies that run the tours of upper canyon and 2 that run the lower. We were told that the upper canyon is much shorter, more congested and rushed than the lower. Also has less light as it is an A shaped canyon and lower is V shaped.
  • We recommend making reservations ahead of time online as the tours are almost always fully booked and we witnessed many disappointed people waiting in a long line in the cold for hours only to be turned away.
  • It is important to know that tours are canceled if rain is reported or forecasted around the tour date as flash floods fill the canyon and killed 11 tourists in 1993.
  • Regular vs. deluxe tour: We paid about $237 for both of us. The deluxe tour is supposed to differ from the regular with more seclusion and a smaller group size, we were disappointed as we were sandwiched between another deluxe tour before us and a large regular tour right behind us. We did, however, have a personal Navajo guide who was knowledgeable and helpful, taking photos for us at all the best spots and assisting with camera settings.
  • The tour lasted about and hour and 20 minutes because of the congestion. It is supposed to take 45min- one hour.
  • Gopros and video of any kind are prohibited as the Navajo has copyright on video ($10,000 fine for violators), it is a photo only tour. Backpacks and bags of any kind are also prohibited. We recommend a wide lens for DSLR cameras.

Horseshoe bend

  • Parking: lot near the entrance was full when we went. We parked at a lot about a mile away that shuttle you to the entrance ($20) we recommend this if the lot is full because there is a heavy police presence babysitting the area ready to write tickets to anyone illegally parked on the road.
  • No cost to enter the park.
  • The walk to horseshoe bend from the entrance is about a half mile with moderate elevation and a well established sand covered path.
  • There are outhouses in the parking lot & if you go during the hot summer months each hiker is required to bring at least one water bottle.
  • The vantage point was EXTREMELY congested when we went around 4:30. We waited until sunset to get some golden hour photos. It was a fantastic time to see the bend as the sun sets on the left side of the horseshoe. The large rock formation is surrounded by a deep canyon with an aqua blue river encircling it to create the horseshoe looking shape.