Pair. Rate.

We created Pair8.com as an excuse to date more, while utilizing our gifts of content creation to help others. We hope though documenting our experiences, providing feedback and sharing media, others will be able to find awesome restaurants and be inspired to travel and date more. Before we buy anything or go anywhere we depend on reviews. We appreciate objective and comprehensive reviews, which is what we aim to create. We are very passionate about food & travel and just as passionate about our reviews! We hope you can benefit from our objective approach of reviewing and insight from our experiences!  We, as a pair, intend to rate our experiences to help pair others with awesome food and experiences!  


N8 & Lizzie Moryc

N8 and Lizzie were raised in Rochester, MI as neighbors and fell in love after relocating to Nashville, Tennessee for college. N8 has an Audio Engineering degree from Belmont University and a creative background, focusing on music production, photography, and content creation. Lizzie has a nursing degree from Lipscomb University. She has a type-A personality with an adventurous spirit, a passion for fitness and a love for ice cream! N8 and Lizzie have extensive experiences dining and traveling, around the world, that provide valuable insight for their reviews.

We are beyond excited about life together! We find great joy in good food and exploring God’s beautiful creations. Our goal is to provide objective and comprehensive reviews, from two perspectives, to help pair you with awesome restaurants and destinations! We created Pair8 to encourage ourselves and other couples to never stop dating! - N8 & Lizzie

Hughston Thackham

Hughston was born and raised in Metro Detroit. His wondering soul has always gravitated him to the next adventure. Hughston surrounds himself around his family, closest friends, and his adventure teammate, Harlie. When Hughston isn’t searching for his next night next to the bonfire, he spends his days helping children and their families reunite. Hughston’s passions include the outdoors, his Wrangler, and encouraging a better future for the families he works with.